The Muslim Community Center of Portland (MCCP) aims to develop, support and promote a comprehensive and wholesome representation of the Islamic way of life as outlined in the Holy Qur’an and modeled in the noble life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). We are comprised of Muslims with ethnic backgrounds from all around the world and doors are always open to all!

Recent Community Announcements

As salaamu alaikum war Rahmatullah wa Barakatahu Dear Beloved Community, Family and Friends;

MCCP cordially invites you to our 2016 February 6th fundraising dinner and dialogue titled The American Muslim: Past, Present and Future (Speaker Bios).
(MCCP Feb. 6th Event Flier)

Similar to our March 8th 2014 event titled Ummah Wahidah (One Community) in which we sought to unify all Muslims in the metro Portland area, we have prepared an equally ambitious evening that seeks to inspire and benefit all who attend inshaa Allah. As we witness relations between Muslim and non-Muslims in America slowly deteriorate because of the reckless actions of a few: our goal is to offer opportunity for everyone to join hearts and minds, share food and discuss practical solutions to the challenges we face in these times.