1 Imam Najieb and Sister Nadira with the Dalai Lama, after the Imam participated on a University of Portland interfaith panel.

2 Young community members hanging out in front of our old building after prayers.

Corporate Officers:

Imam Muhammad A. Najieb

Executive Director

Corporate Secretary
Imam Shaheed Haamid

Osman A. Osman

Executive Secretary
Raumene Rahatzad

Board of Trustees

Akim Jabbie (Chairman)
Waleed Sadruddin (Co/Chairman)
Nadira I. Najieb
Wesley Salahuddin
Andy Green
Ali Godil
Osman A. Osman
Raumene Rahatzad
Sabah Hashmi
Abdul Hafeedh bin Abdullah

Executive Board of Directors

Imam Shaheed Haamid
Johanas Njoku
Khaled Abdel-Rahim
Omar Hashi
Tim Brennecke
Ali Ali
Tajwar Taher
Ciaran O’Reilly

01 Our Story ︎

Finding beauty in diversity.

The Muslim Community Center of Portland is the oldest Islamic community in the state of Oregon. We are located in the vibrant center of NE Portland. Full of life, diversity, and color we accept believers of all backgrounds and do our best to serve and uplift the people we represent.


Founded in 1973. We have played a vital part of the community heritage, political advocacy and cultural bridge building within Portland, as many of our community elders have deep roots here and entered into Islam years ago under the leadership of Imam W.D. Muhammad. 

1 We started out in a small building off of MLK blvd. but recently have relocated to a new building off of Vancouver Ave.  

Muslim Community
Center of Portland
5325 N Vancouver Ave,
Portland, OR 97217

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Prayer Times: