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1 Sisters gathered during our annual MCCP fundraiser

2 The host of one of our past events, the beautiful Imam Siraj Wahhaj from Brooklyn, NY

3,4 Community members celebrating and laughing at the MET fundraiser

Volunteers during our gardening project program

02 News & Events ︎

We have numerous events that support and foster our beloved community. Our Islamic tradition celebrates and encourages us to come together to provide and we want to be the central hub that uplifts, enriches and hosts our Portland spiritual community. 

Know that the happiest people, are the strongest in their love for God. - Imam Al-Ghazzali

We host many events throughout the year correlating with our long term strategic vision. Most of our programming revolves around 3 major categories. 

1.  Spiritual Education
2. Social & Community Development
3. Interfaith & Partnership Services. 


Free Dental Clinic

Shafa Medical Clinic will have a trailer at Vancouver Masjid (1000 NE 66th St, Vancouver, WA 98665) this Sunday December 9th from 9am – 12pm where they will be offering free fillings and extractions!


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