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1 Classical oil painting of an Islamic school

04 Community Resources ︎

We strive to be a resource for our community and people seeking the true essence of Islam. 

Narrated by Abu Huraira, one of the Prophet's closest Sahabah:
One day while the Prophet was sitting in the company of some people, (The angel) Gabriel came and asked, "What is faith?" Allah's Messenger replied, 'Faith is to believe in Allah, His angels, (the) meeting with Him, His Apostles, and to believe in Resurrection." Then he further asked, "What is Islam?" Allah's Messenger replied, "To worship Allah Alone and none else, to offer prayers perfectly, to pay the compulsory charity (Zakat) and to observe fasts during the month of Ramadan." Then he further asked, "What is Ihsan (perfection)?" Allah's Messenger replied, "To worship Allah as if you see Him, and if you cannot achieve this state of devotion then you must consider that He is looking at you."

Every act of worship that we are asked to perform (Prayer, Charity, Fasting, Performance of Good Deeds and Avoidance of Evil) is designed to nourish the soul in the remembrance of this sacred covenant between Creation and Creator.


Prayer: Learning how and why to pray is an essential tool for the believer. 

Click here for a guide on how to pray. 

Quran:  Understanding divine revelation is essential so that we hold close to His book for guidance and retain our humanity and divine proximity in this world. 

Click here for the Quran Explorer to read and listen to the quran 


Islamic Social Services of Oregon a non-profit social services organization for needs assistance and sponsorship

Muslim Education Trust MET is a full time K-12 school and community resource for outreach and activities 

Cair Oregon
CAIR’s purpose is to be a leading advocate for justice, protect civil liberties and foster mutual understanding.

Muslim Community
Center of Portland
5325 N Vancouver Ave,
Portland, OR 97217

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Prayer Times: 
Jum’a Prayer is 1:30 pm
Eid will be Friday April 21st insha’Allah! Eid prayer will be at 9AM at MCCP! Eid Mubarak to you and your family!