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1 Salahuddin Wesley, MCCP Project Manager, presents the vision to the community of our new building project 

2 Imam Muhammad Najieb 

3Our new building and trailer off of N Vancouver

4 Our Operational Manager, Johanas Njoku, standing outside our building 

05 Donate & Volunteer ︎

Your generosity is in proportion to your faith. Give today and support your community.

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If interested in donating via mail, please send checks to: 
P.O. BOX 12214
Portland, OR. 97212

Donating to MCCP helps support our institution in many fundamental ways. The following avenues are where we allocate our resources & funds. 

1.  Operational Expenses

2. Building Investments

3. Community Programming


If you are interested in volunteering or getting involved in an active role, feel free to email your credentials to: and we will review your profile iA.


Muslim Community
Center of Portland
5325 N Vancouver Ave,
Portland, OR 97217

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