1Bathroom design prototype for our new property development 

2 Leaders of the community. 

3 Laying the foundation and building the current trailer. 

Executive Office:

Resident Imam | Director
Imam Muhammad A. Najieb

Head of Treasury
Osman Osman

Executive Secretary
Raumene Rahatzad

Media Producer
Imam Shaheed Haamid

Head of Marketing
Ali Godil

Logistics Operations Manager
Johanas Ibrahim Njoku


06 Our Future ︎

We have an ambitious vision & long term plans for our community center and property. Our 5 year plan consists of creating a self-sustaining financial model and mixed residential and commercial developments to help support our center and the ongoing community services for our people. 

We call it:

The Medina Gardens

1 Rendering by Hamilton & Anderson Ofiyai 

Our 3 phase approach to creating this self-sustaining model and injection of energy and development into our community. 

We will work with the city of Portland, local architects and experienced contractors to get estimates, plans and work schedules for the Medina Gardens development. 

We will work with our team to apply for grants, investments and ask our community and allies for private donations in order to realize this project.

Once we get a significant amount of the budget, we will begin groundbreaking and look to create spaces for low-income housing, educational facilities and commercial restaurants and shops. We will then solicite businesses and tenants to rent the spaces and keep one space for our own business.

Some ideas we are looking to use our MCCP owned space for:
- Commercial Kitchen
- Coffee Shop
- Healthy Mediterranean Restaurant
- Child Daycare
- Coworking Office space

Muslim Community
Center of Portland
5325 N Vancouver Ave,
Portland, OR 97217

501(C)(3) Tax ID:

Prayer Times: