Masjid Garden Project

Our vision is to create a space that benefits us as a community and as individuals; and creates a place of beauty for our neighborhood. The garden will have places for reflection, play, healing, food and flowers. As much as possible we will restore the soil and provide a sustainable environment for birds and insects of the natural world that reside among us.

Our garden will have these features:
– Place for reflection.
– Vegetable and healing garden for community use.
– Welcoming space and rock wall.
– Gift garden for favorite plants from community members.
– Water fixture (we are open to your suggestions).
– Native plants.
– Trees for shade.
– Plants named in the Quran.

Detailed plan:
MCCP Garden Plan (Final)

Plant wish list:
– Sword ferns (20), Ajuga, Columbine, Bleeding Heart.
– Sedums, Native Oregonian and others, “Autumn” for new rock wall (100).
– Cuttings of Kinnikinnick, (30).
– Native grasses and perennials: Juncus, fescue.
– Native shrubs/hedgerows: Indian plum, Ribes Sanguinium, Evergreen Huckleberry, Oregon Grape, Ceanothus.
– Hebe ‘Amy’, Roses.
– Bulbs, tulips, Oregon Iris.

Our timeline has started. This is how we will build our garden:
Now – parking strip and welcome area, prepare soil, plant trees and extend water lines.
Spring – plant native plants, vegetables, flowers and herbs.
Summer – keep garden alive, water extensively, harvest.
Future – water feature, gift garden, garden shed.

Help us build our garden. Donate to Women of the Masjid (WOM) with Garden Project in the check memo. For more information contact Patricia Johnson at