Imam Dawood Yasin to give khutba at Jumu’a this Friday November 23rd at 12:30pm

As-salamu alaykum dear MCCP community members,

I pray this message finds you and family in the best of states, amin.

We are grateful to announce that Imam Dawood Yasin from Zaytuna College will be giving the khutba this Friday November 23rd at 12:30pm, inshaa’Allah! This is an unexpected blessing, alhamdulillah!

Imam Dawood Yasin is a Muslim scholar and he currently teaches at Zaytuna College in Berkeley, CA. This will be his third visit to MCCP, inshaa’Allah, and we would like to welcome him with our community’s presence and attentiveness. For more information about him you may listen to his story on this podcast:!c4648

With peace,

Executive Secretary
Raumene Rahatzad
Muslim Community Center of Portland
Executive Office of Imam

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