Join an MCCP sub-committee! Make a Difference!

As-salamu alaykum,

I pray this message finds everyone in the best of states.

The MCCP Office of Imam is beginning a process of recruiting passionate community members who would like to be involved in making MCCP grow and flourish through the establishment of various sub-committees. If you have skills and interest in any of the following sub-committees or topics listed below, please email Raumene Rahatzad at: and provide your 1) Name 2) Age 3) Gender and 4) Sub-committee or area of interest you’d like to be a part of. We hope to hear from many of you soon! May Allah bless you all, amin.

-WORSHIP: Daily prayers, Jumu’a, Ramadan and tarawih

-STORYTELLING: Marketing, Social Media, Digital, etc…

-EVENTS: Lecture series, social events, guest speakers, open houses, and iftars

-PHILANTHROPY and FUNDRAISING: Financial statements, Donor advocacy, Ramadan fundraising, year-end fundraising, etc…

-SERVICES: Educational, Radio/TV, Counseling services, Youth mentorship, Convert Care, Housing support, Food distribution, etc…

-PUBLIC RELATIONS and RESOURCES: Community Outreach, Partnerships and Interfaith, Dawah, MCCP Library, and Phone and Email services

-OPERATIONS: Property maintenance, taxes and government compliance, paying bills, etc…

With peace,

Raumene Rahatzad
Executive Secretary
Muslim Community Center of Portland
Executive Office of Imam

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