MCCP Majalis meeting minutes 12/3/17

As-salamu alaykum MCCP Community,

I pray this message finds everyone in the best of states, amin.

-What: MCCP Majalis meeting minutes
-Date and Time: Sunday December 3, 2017 from 1pm – 2:30pm
-Attendance: Imam Muhammad Najieb, Imam Shabazz, Sr. Marion Dawan, Sr. Faye, Sr. Aesha, Sr. Joyce, Sr. Hadiyah, Sr. Zaidah, Sr. Wagma, Br. Omar Shabazz, Br. Yunus (aka Yohannes), Br. Rashad, Br. Ali Godil, Br. Ibrahim, and Br. Raumene

-Al Fatiha

-Imam Najieb shares with the community that the final payment for our new building has been made, alhamdulillah!!! Appreciation shown to Sr. Laila Hajoo whom Allah chose to make the means of finally paying off our balance, alhamdulillah!

-Imam Najieb shares the intention to begin a weekend school program for children 5th grade and up, and also for adults. Imam shared touching base with Br. Maqsood Chaudhary about ideas for Islamic based learning, and Br. Shaestagir to support our children to improve their math and science skills, inshaa’Allah. Imam Najieb emphasized the need to make a structured format and registration to make things official and ensure accountability.

-Sr. Marion Dawan discussed importance of creating programs that are sustainable and long term. She discussed importance of prioritizing needs, getting a clear idea of our budget, and also educating and encouragement zakat to be given within the community.

-Br. Rashad shares his handout on programs and trainings that would be of benefit to our community. Includes Physical fitness trainings, Self-defense and offense trainings, Weapons and tactical training, Urban and Rural Survival Skills, Islamic Business Development & Investment Group. Refer to Br. Rashad’s handout for details (or ask him to email it to you if you were not present).

-Br. Omar Shabazz shares importance of becoming aware of resources and skills we have in our community, and possibly developing a list of people and the specific skills they offer as a community resource.

-Imam Najieb discusses the importance of individuals and families having 3-day supply of food and water, along with emergency kit as a general safety measure.

-Br. Raumene discussed the importance of sacred knowledge, and recognizing that the Qur’an and Sunna have been preserved through qualified Muslim scholars. Discussed the importance of making sure we build our educational initiatives based on sound scholarship…i.e. from Muslim scholars who:
1) have a chain of teachers (isnad) leading directly back to the Prophet (sal’Allahu alayhi wa’sallem),
2) have permission to teach from their teachers (ijaza).
3) have understanding and knowledge of the North American cultural context, in all its diversity.
This is the methodology employed to ensure that the Qur’an and Sunna are being preserved, interpreted soundly, and applied correctly, inshaa’Allah.
Br. Raumene cited examples like Seekers Hub, Zaytuna College, Ta’leef Collective, Lampost Productions, Alim Program, Virtual Mosque, etc… as being models that have implemented this methodology with success, and potential examples that we can draw from as we develop our programs, inshaa’Allah.

-Br. Ali Godil discusses importance of “identifying our North Star” to help guide whatever MCCP does. Br. Ali discussed that to fulfill a strategy, we need to have an objective. Discussed importance of making the mission statement a guiding star that we can come back to in order to make sure we are heading in the right direction. From the mission statement we can identify the various initiatives that are necessary to fulfill our mission, inshaa’Allah.

-Imam Shabazz shares importance of “root knowledge” as the foundation. What people really need to learn. Getting the basics of Islam down. “Recite it, reflect on it, and act upon it.” Imam Shabazz discussed the importance of embracing all of the Sunni schools of thought (Maliki, Hanafi, Shafii, Hanbali), along with the unique American Muslim experience and context.

-Imam Najieb suggests that people commit to brainstorming ideas and developing models to bring back to the Shura Board and Majalis.

-Sr. Faye mentions that MCCP does have a current mission statement and constitution that can be revisited and refined. She identifies the Sura board, Women of the Masjid, and Majalis and up and running, but need to also use the MCCP slot on the radio. Sr. Faye emphasizes importance of developing sub-committees for people to begin brainstorming and creating ideas for different models/programs.

-Imam Shabazz emphasizes the importance of acknowledging that much ground work and heart has already gone in to developing MCCP, and that we are not starting from scratch, but rather building off of and refining what already has been built.

-Imam Shabazz discussed the OICO Full Way House as a part of MCCP, and funding towards that will help ensure the overall needs and well being of our community, inshaa’Allah. Mentions the OICO Full Way House is in the process adding rooms.

-Br. Ali Godil mentions need for MCCP’s great work and initiatives to be showcased…Website, Facebook, instagram, etc…

-Imam Najieb closes out meeting with Al-Asr.

-Br. Omar and Br. Ali to begin looking at the mission statement
-Br. Rashad to look at a calendar of days and possible times to do workshops/trainings
-Br. Yunus to look at security needs of MCCP
-Br. Raumene to propose potential educational outline for “root knowledge” or fard ayn knowledge (individual obligations of every Muslim)
-Women of the Masjid to share their mission

-Next Majalis: Sunday January 7 at 1pm – 2:30pm, inshaa’Allah.

With peace,

Raumene Rahatzad
Executive Secretary
Muslim Community Center of Portland
Executive Office of Imam

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