The most important idea and message ever to circulate amongst the mind and heart of humanity is La ilaha il’Allah. That is there is no god or object worthy of worship, except Allah- The Muslim is one who understands that humanity’s only purpose for existence is to be in service and/or in a state of servitude to Allah. Our life and our souls do not belong to us and for the short time that we will be in possession of these amazing gifts and great responsibility it is our duty to exhibit obedience, submission and great appreciation to Allah. La ilaha il’Allah is the goal of our life time and Muhammad Ibn’Abdullah (s) the Holy Prophet of Allah is the perfected paradigm for achieving this challenge.

You have clicked on the “New to Islam” link, so it is very important that we keep this as simple as possible while at the same time securing your focus on the only means of success available to you in this life and the next. Islam is the fulfillment of Allah’s revelation (guidance, message) to humanity, like all revelations sent before it… and all messenger’s sent to humanity… the reason for their arrival has been to remind us of our obligation and purpose for existing; which is represented in the idea La ilaha il’Allah. Every act of worship that you will be asked to perform (Prayer, Charity, Fasting, Performance of Good Deeds and Avoidance of Evil) is designed to nourish the soul in the remembrance of this sacred covenant. Sincerity is the first step… sincerity to Allah and sincerity with your ownself… We must begin with sincerity and constantly maintain our sincerity as we journey through the sacred path of Al Islam.

“And they have been commanded to worship only Allah, being sincere towards Him in their deen and true. (98:5)”

Sincerity is the freeing of one’s intentions from all impurities in order to come nearer to Allah. It is to ensure that the intentions behind all acts of worship and obedience to Allah are exclusively for His pleasure.

After we bear witness that “there is no god but Allah and that Muhammmad is His Messenger” the next command and first action required of you is the establishment of Salat (prayer).

(below is a link that provides you a play by play video of how to pray)

If you are unsure how to pray and prefer to read rather than watch the video above, please take a look at this booklet on how to properly pray.
How To Properly Pray

The aim of Salat and the result of a healthy Salat will always be the cultivation of sincere devotion to your Lord, which in turn shall purify the heart from impurities, whether few or many, so that the intention of drawing nearer to Allah is freed from all other motives, except that of seeking His pleasure. This is the only true success known to humanity, and it is only realized once we have reached the fulfilled state of La ilaha il’Allah. Dear believer allow your heart to be nourished by it, mind to comtiplate it and tongue to recite it frequently. May Allah continue to protect
and guide you on your journey home to Him.

As salamu a’laykum
Muslim Community Center of Portland