Shaykh Burhan Fili at MCCP this Friday (11/9) for Jumu’a, and a Halaqa after Isha prayer

As-salamu alaykum dear MCCP community members,

I pray this message finds you all well. It is with great pleasure that I announce that Shaykh Burhan Fili will be with MCCP this Friday November 9th to give the Jumu’a khutba at 12:30pm, and he will be providing a lesson that same evening after Isha prayer at 7:30pm, inshaa’Allah. Please join the MCCP community in welcoming Shaykh Burhan Fili and benefiting from his wisdom, inshaa’Allah!

With peace,

Raumene Rahatzad
Executive Secretary
Muslim Community Center of Portland
Executive Office of Imam

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